Our Project

Our project is dedicated in memory of TAU Alumnus Ilan Ramon z’l, Israel’s first astronaut, whose mission on the Columbia Space Shuttle ended tragically 18 years ago. The launch date of June 20, 2021, was chosen to honour his birthday. The Ramon Foundation has agreed to support and endorse our project.

CFTAU is “Reaching for the Stars” with this project, focusing on both New Space, and the Climate Crisis to raise funds for Tel Aviv University’s next nanosatellite. This nanosatellite will be dedicated to studying the earth’s climate and environment from space, with eventual for TAU’s new Nano-Satellite and Climate Change Centers.

Our Stars

Ilan Ramon z’l

Ilan always reached for the stars, excelling throughout his life in everything he did; including High School, at Tel Aviv University, the Air Force and NASA. He continues to inspire children all over the world to strive to do their best in everything they do.


    Ilan Ramon (COLONEL, ISRAEL AIR FORCE) (June 20, 1954 – February 1, 2003; born Ilan Wolferman) was the first Israeli astronaut, following a career as a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force. A graduate of Tel Aviv University, he had a well respected career and held various positions in the Israeli Air Force, reaching the rank of Colonel.

    Ilan Ramon was the space shuttle payload specialist of the fatal mission of Columbia flight STS 107 (Jan 16 - Feb 1, 2003), in which he and six other crew members were killed in the re-entry accident. Posthumously awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, the NASA Space Flight Medal, and the Distinguished Public Service Medal, he is the only foreigner to receive this honor.

    The 16-day flight was a dedicated science and research mission, with the crew conducting approximately 80 experiments. Ilan worked closely with Tel Aviv University Professor Colin Price and his team to observe Sprites (flashes of light known as Transient Luminous Events – TLEs.) Now, 18 years later, TAU Prof. Colin Price and his team will use new and improved equipment to once again image TLEs from space with the help of Eytan Stibbe, Israel’s second astronaut. This research was chosen as one of the scientific experiments on the RAKIA mission,  under the name The ILAN-ES Project - Imaging of Lightning and Nighttime Electrical phenomena “Sprites” from Space in memory of Ilan Ramon.

The Ramon Foundation

In memory of Rona, Ilan & Asaf Ramon z’l

The Ramon Foundation aims to ignite the three essential values which Ilan and Asaf Ramon stood for – academic excellence, social leadership and ground-breaking courage.


    The Ramon Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Science & Technology will join the space industry, leading groundbreaking discoveries for the benefit of Israel and the global community.

    Through the most advanced programs in the fields of science, aviation and space, the Foundation aims to inspire a new generation of young Israelis with an exemplary sense of purpose and professionalism and to nurture the values of academic excellence, social leadership and ground-breaking courage.

    Based on the educational paradigm of Ilan and Asaf Ramon, the Foundation has built an impressive network of educators who work from the Upper Galilee to the Southern Negev in Israel. This combination of incredible leaders work to inspire and educate young adults and students alike. The foundation’s governing council and professional staff and partners share a variety of interests and expertise and are leaders in their field.

Professor Colin Price

Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee

Professor at the Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Tel Aviv University, and the Head of the Department of Environmental Studies.  He is a world known Atmospheric Physicist, specializing in the Earth’s weather and climate, with a focus on thunderstorms, climate change and natural hazards.


    His recent research focus is on using Atmospheric Electricity to study natural hazards such as flash floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and solar storms.

    Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he began his university studies, he transferred to Tel Aviv University in 1982 where he completed his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences.  He received his Ph.D. at Columbia University, New York, in 1993, while working at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York.

    After completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, he returned to Israel and joined the faculty of Tel Aviv University in 1995. In 2001-2002, he spent a year on sabbatical working at Environment Canada in Downsview, Ontario. His attachment to Canada runs deep, as his wife and children are all Canadian citizens.

    He has published more than 150 scientific papers, and has a team of 15 graduate students and researchers working under his guidance on various scientific research projects.

    Professor Price is also the Head of TAU’s Nano-satellite Center and was recently appointed Head of the University’s new Climate Action Change Center, inaugurated in June 2021.

Sylvan Adams

Project Chairman

Canadian-born businessman, philanthropist and amateur cycling champion, made Aliya in 2015. Adams previously served as CEO of the Montreal-based real estate firm Iberville Developments, and was the sole shareholder of Summit International Bank.


    Since making Aliya, Sylvan has devoted himself to serving his adopted country, as his calling card reads: "Self-appointed Ambassador at large for the State of Israel". Sylvan is the only Israeli member of the Giving Pledge, an organization begun by Warren Buffet together with Bill and Melinda Gates for billionaires committed, as signers of the “Pledge”, to giving away the majority of their wealth to philanthropic pursuits.

    Sylvan’s philanthropic investments are focused on two themes:

    1. Promotion of Israel both abroad and internally, through innovative, non-polemical means, such as sport and cultural activities.
    2. Promotion of Jewish Identity in the diaspora, or as he likes to call it “ensuring Jewish grandchildren”.

    Adams is a Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors of Tel Aviv University, and a member of the cabinet of TAU’s Global Campaign.

    Sylvan’s tagline, when asked what his next project will be is “JUST. GETTING. STARTED.”

Noah Redler

Chair, Project Executive Committee

Noah Redler is the founder and President of Arche Innovation and an active member of the global innovation community. He is passionate about understanding how organizations and people are evolving in the era of perpetual innovation and a believer that we can ensure the harmonious integration of humanity and technology in society and the workplace.


    His unconventional professional background includes a variety of professional experiences, each one another opportunity to learn. Previously, Noah has held the roles of the first Campus Director of Montreal’s Notman House, VP of Communications and Government Relations for Gestion Immobilier Quo Vadis, political attache at the City of Montreal, campaign manager for 5 elections at all levels of government, communications coordinator for Canada World Youth, and logistics and hospitality manager at Just For Laughs, in addition to a variety of other contractual positions.

    Always involved in his community and a strong believer in the value of volunteerism, Noah has given his time to support organizations in roles that include, Director for Quebec communities for Startup Canada, member of the Bureau de Direction of the RJCCQ, co-animator of the Dérangeants podcast, a mentor to numerous entrepreneurs, co-founder of La Tournée des Entrepreneurs, co-founder of Hackerfest and Smart City fest events in collaboration with Montreal’s Startupfest and member of the advisory committee for the Africa Web Festival in Abidjan. Noah is also a member of the Board of Directors for Kids Code Jeunesse, and previously Éco-Quartier Peter-McGill, NAHA center, among others.

    Since 2010, Noah has been directly involved in the creation, development and implementation of programs designed to support entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems. He is frequently asked to speak on the subjects related to creating innovation cultures within organizations, the future of work and organizational transformation.

    Noah Redler has joined Ottawa, Quebec and Atlantic Canada Regional Board of Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University on October 1, 2020.