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Unleash the Performer in You!

Whether you are an experienced entertainer, a morning shower singer or anything in between, this is your time to shine. CFTAU is launching the Reaching for the Stars Talent Challenge, asking people of all ages to film themselves performing Twinkle, twinkle little star in whichever way they wish, singing, humming, dancing, playing an instrument, using spoons…sky’s the limit, be creative!

Why This Challenge?

This challenge is part of the Ilan Ramon Memorial Project, which focuses on both New Space and the Climate Crisis, raising funds to build Tel Aviv University’s next nanosatellite, the first dedicated to Environment and Climate Change issues. This nanosatellite will be monitoring and collecting global climate information, which will be analyzed and studied at TAU’s new Nanosatellite and Climate Change Action Centers. Become a Change-Maker!

How Can I Become a Change-Maker?

Accept the challenge!

Do I Have to Donate to Take Part?
Every donation helps and is much appreciated, but you are not obliged to contribute financially to take part in this challenge. By accepting the challenge, you are helping raise awareness of Climate Change issues and CFTAU’s commitment to supporting the cause.

How Do I Take Part?

  1. Accept the Challenge.

  2. Take a video of yourself performing Twinkle, twinkle little star any way you like.

  3. Upload your video to social media, tagging and challenging at least three of your friends.

The video should include:

    • Your name
    • Who challenged you
    • A statement of acceptance (I accept the Reaching for the Stars Talent Challenge)
    • Tag at least three people you are nominating
    • A link to

If you are comfortable, mention the amount you are donating to the Reaching for the Stars Talent Challenge. This will encourage others to donate as well.

How Do I Donate?